Sunnyboy and Sugarbaby 1979

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Sunnyboy and Sugarbaby 1979


Sunnyboy and Sugarbaby 1979


Directed by: Franz Josef Gottlieb

Actors: Ekkehardt Belle, Sabine Wollin, Claus Obalski

Country: West Germany

Also known as: Denmark Sunnyboy og Sugarbaby
Spain Margarita… qué bien pita
Mexico Agarra la onda
Portugal Borrachos e Borrachinos
Slovenia Zlata fanta in sladko dekle
USA (dubbed version) She’s 19 and Ready
World-wide (English title) She’s 19 and Ready

Description: A young woman, just turning 19, is ready for anything, including fullfilling her dreams and fantasies. But two young men, Klaus and Stephen, are after her with their raging hormones to lead the way. The young lady learns to grow up fast, though, when strange occurences and new people enter her life, including more and more men

A little more than your standard “sexploitation” flick, the music, the good nature, and “absurdity” of the whole thing left an impression on most people who saw it, especially at the time it was released.

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