Nude 2010

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Nude 2010

Nude 2010

ovel “Nude” (published in 2009), written by real life AV actress Mihiro.
3. Mihiro makes an appearance in the film “Nude” as a mentor to main character played by Naoko Watanabe.


* Naoko Watanabe – Hiromi/Mihiro
* Aimi Satsukawa
* Takashi Nagayama
* Mihiro
* Hiroshi Yamamoto
* Ken Mitsuishi
* Shingo Ippongi

Synopsis/ Plot:
After graduating from high school, young Hiromi (Naoko Watanabe) moves from Niigata to Tokyo to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. She first starts out in the adult film industry under the stage name of Mihiro …

1. Filming began May 17th, 2010.
2. Nude is based on the autobiograpahical n

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