Malice 2015

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Malice 2015


Malice 2015


Movie Title: Malice 2015 AKA Hazel Malice,멜리스 (mel-li-seu)
Director: Kim Yong-woon (김용운)
Stars: Hong Soo-ah (홍수아), Lim Seong-eon (임성언), Yang Myeong-heon (양명헌), Kim Ha-yoo (ê¹€í•˜ìœ )


One day, Ga-In who has been suffering from Ripley syndrome meets high school friend, Eun-Jung after 7 years hiatus. She grows jealous of Eun-jung who seems to have everything she ever wanted. Her envy turns into obsession as she begins to think of herself as Eun-Jung. She tries to take everything from her.

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